Sugai Dates VIP 1kg

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In addition to being delicious, dates are a fruit rich in minerals and nutrients. Which is at the top of our list of favorite fruits. And if that is the date palm of Medina, the holy land of Arabia, then there is no point. Medina dates have a special significance for Muslims due to their specialty.

One of the famous Sugai dates of Medina. Extremely delicious, this date is famous for its skin color. The base is golden in color and slightly dry, and the underside is brown and soft.

Meghpion’s Sugai dates
Fresh and neat, these sugai dates are very good quality. You will not find any kind of rotten throat or spoiled date at all. If you want to get chemical free and high quality fresh dates, you can have confidence in Meghpion. We are 100% sure about the quality of dates.


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